Tuija K Global helps solopreneurs find the true reasons that are holding them back from reaching their goals.

The founder of Tuija K Global Oy Tuija Kauppinen is a very experienced entrepreneur. She was diagnosed with ADHD as an adult already 20 years ago and got tired of not getting any help for this condition in Finland.

Therefore she brought to the market a brand new training that is targeted to other entrepreneurs like herself who remain stuck with their business year after year even though they have much more potential.

Research shows that there is a significant amount of adhd-related behaviours amongst entrepreneurs and those who have challenges to cope, might not ever make it without help and support.

Never Getting There™ is a new training course that includes six live! webinars in which Tuija tells her own entrepreneurial experiences and which the participants can easily relate to. In addition, everyone receives personal coaching from professional coaches.

Never Getting There™ is a brand new program that helps solo- and entrepreneurs find out all the true reasons that are preventing them to reach their full potential and instead they keep on surviving with a low income and small turnover year after year.

These entrepreneurs are usually specialists in one particular business area, but do not know how to run a more profitable business and especially do not know how to elevate themselves from their deep economical pit.

They sign on for various sales skills courses and those that hone their digital marketing skills, but they still remain stuck with their standing still businesses no matter what they do and try.

I’ve been there, I’ve seen that, I’ve experienced it all. – Tuija I have invested  thousands of euros and hours in all sorts of training courses that have not helped me  resolve my situation or helped me reach my potential. That is why I launced a brand new training program that I know would help me and entrepreneurs like me get the business going and growing, and to increase the turnover rapidly.

All the secrets, answers and solutions are in you. Never Getting There™ program  leads you to discover your secrets and solutions and we will help you turn them into use. Once you join this program, we start the journey together. All the way we hold you by hand and lead you out of your business, economical and mental pit out into the open to increase your turnover and make your business bloom.

To Whom?

  1. Solo- and entrepreneurs
  2. Stuck in an economical pit
  3. Low income level
  4. Small turnover year after year
  5. Don’t know how to improve
  6. No amount of courses helps
  7. Always trying again and again
  8. Never succeeding
  9. Never reaching one’s potential
  10. The one who has more potential


The founder of this program is Tuija Kauppinen who is a very experienced solopreneur. Over the years she has tried to get her personal business skills in order but found no help and no help from the Finnish NHS for her ADHD. She figured that these two are interconnected and brought to the market a brand new program that will help many thousands of other solo- and entrepreneurs get their businesses blooming.

She has a team of professional business coaches running this program with her.

Contact details

Tuija Kauppinen, Consultant, Coach, Public Speaker   +358 50 331 6702 + Whatsapp

tuijak@impactqueens.com   Instagram   LinkedIn   Facebook

Never Getting There™ will be published and produced in both languages Finnish and English. The name of the Finnish program is Meneekö överiksi? Vai etkö saa aloitettua™.

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