Corporate Client Testimonials

Spring 2021

Earlier this year we had an interesting corporate case to create a custom-made online training course to Finland’s most prominent cleaning and property services provider SOL SERVICES OY. We created a venue where Impact Queens styled five members of their personnel, and we had photos taken before and after the styling. Those photos were then used in the made-to-order online course.

In mid March Tuija K, the corporate style consultant, hold the SOL style webinar online live for 100 participants. It was a success and the client was very pleased with the outcome. Here’s the public comment published on Facebook on March, 18th by the Chairman of the Board, Mrs. Anu Eronen:

“Thank you, Tuija Kauppinen, for holding your corporate SOL style webinar today. It stimulated discussions and new thinking within our company, just what we needed. May I wish a wonderful SOL SUNNY STYLE springtime to you too 🙏☀️👍!”

All Impact Queens corporate trainings and webinars are geared for both women and men.

Earlier Client Testimonials

It was the year 2012 and the beginning of my career when a major Finnish BUSINESS MAGAZINE FAKTA wanted to feature an article about my business styling services. I was part of a well-known team led by the famous makeup artist, Raili Hulkkonen. For the article and the photoshoot I had two models one female and one male, and will feature the lady model here.

Carita Orlando, CEO

Featured here is Carita Orlando who at the time in 2012 was running her own successful accountancy company. She is also a very active politician something that needed to be taken into account when creating her overall style and the content of her wardrobe. Before the style brush up this beautiful 40yrs old was wearing too mature business outfits that aged her with their style, materials and colors. I met her at her home, revised her outfits and determined the right colors that would bring out her beauty, and off we went for shopping together.

CARITA ORLANDO, CEO, The Women Entrepreneurs of Finland

Lawyers & Solicitors

Over the years I have created new business styles to number of lawyers, and have been educating groups of them all around Finland for the Association of Finnish Laywers. 

One of the most interesting cases was coaching the personel of the Prosecutors Office of Helsinki, and advising their councellors on an appropriate councelling style. They were the ones you see ON TV ON THE TELEVISED COURT CASES.

Maiju Rihtniemi, Civil Law Lawyer

This wonderful lady in the pictures below has been my client for many years. She is a very popular civil law lawyer, popular because she is an expert in her field but also has her heart in place. Her clients in distress need expert help, business tlc and understanding. In her case I wanted to bring out her caring personality but still wanted to keep it business as well. I did this by adding quality to materials, to garments and to choosing fashion brands that offer all those qualities under their make.

Her Upgraded Style Caught Attention

When she was attending one business event, the managing director of BusinessFM radio station paid attention to her style and she was invited to do a series of live presentations in the radio. 

Style After

Never underestimate the power of style & image.

I have had hundreds of private clients over the 11 years in business but on a normal day going I only take photos for my client’s own use. This business requires discretion and total confidentiality. A style is always a very personal and delicate issue and no matter what standing or profession the client has, each one of them, each one of you, will be taken cared of with utmost genuine care and confidence.


Other Client Testimonials

“Very efficient and truly professional styling services. I am totally taken by surprise how easily you found just the right kind of style for me. Thank you!”


“Thank you for analyzing my business style and for taking me out shopping. You are a true professional! It was fantastic to find well-fitting and good quality clothing with such an ease. The all-inclusive summary that you sent afterwards by email covered it all. Thank you for your great services.”


“With your professional help, I am discovering a diamond in me!”

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