Impact Queens

Styling Services

Style Update & Upgrade

You will meet your style consultant online and she will advise you on how to upgrade your business and/or leisure style and will give you easy to follow style advice how to get it right.

Prior to the online meeting you will need to do some quick homework. The instructions will be emailed to you upon order.


  • an updated style
  • easy-to-follow advice
  • What-to-Do-Next -list
  • 1-on-1 meeting with your style consultant
  • a personal style summary

Virtual Style Hunting

Do you have a party to attend and have nothing to wear or are all your business blazers out of style?

Now we can help you find clothes in the online stores without you having to put your valuable time in it.

We can hunt for dresses, blouses, coats, blazers and accessories. Pants, underwear and shoes can only be looked for, if you know a particular brand that fits you perfectly.

We operate globally and are well-known for creating styles with international flair.

Total Style Make-Over

This service is good for any high-flying businesswoman, speaker or politician. With this service you will have your complete style and business image revised and renewed.

Usually the high-flyers and politicians have multiple residences and need to have clothing and cosmetic supply in each location. Let us help you put your style, wardrobe, even luggage, in order and you will always look stunning where ever you fly, land  and go. To top it up you will have a hotline access for 6 months for the emergencies.

These master classes are to encourage women to enhance their beauty and style at any age. Tuija K is a highly experienced style consultant and her mission is to help you find a clothing style that makes you look energetic and young, yet age appropriate, and appropriate for your business and work.  She runs her master classes now online anywhere in the world, and her energy in these classes is captivating! These master classes are highly popular.

If you wish to organize one to your group of friends or colleagues, please click the link below and secure your 90 mins spot. For you as your group leader, this class is free and only $49.00 p.p. for your friends. Turnout minimum 4, max 100. 

Online Courses

Online courses will be directly related to Impact Queens motivational talks. Once stages are reopened worldwide, we will have our online courses live and on sale.

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