Virtual Style Hunting


Now we can help you find pieces of clothing in the online stores without you having to put your valuable time in it yourself. We can hunt for a dress, a blouse, knitwear, coats, blazers and/or accessories. Pants, underwear and shoes can only be looked for, if you know a particular brand that fits you well.

For this price $149,00, we do the hunting for two pieces. If you need more, let’s talk about it in person.

With this service we will virtually search for you a piece of clothing that is missing in your wardrobe be it a dress, a blouse, perhaps a coat, or an accessory. Bear in mind that pants of any size or model, underwear and shoes are difficult to find online to make them fit. We can only do that, if you know a particular brand that fits you perfectly, but we are more than happy to help you find a dress, a blouse, a coat, a blazer, elegant home wear or accessories like bags, hats, fashion jewelry or scarves.

Prior to the search we will need some information from you, your measurements and a photo or two of your current style. All the instructions will be posted to you upon ordering this service,


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