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This is the all-in-one service package.

  1. FAST & EFFICIENT STEP 1: You will meet your style consultant online for an hour and she will advice you on how to upgrade your business style and will give you style tips how to get it right. Prior to the online meeting you will need to do some quick homework. The instructions will be emailed to you upon order.
  2. SILVER SERVICES STEP 2, PRO: Your business clothing style will be totally reviewed and a new style created for you based on the information and the photographs you provide to us. During the one hour online meeting you will be able to discuss it all through with your stylist and all the information including the photographs will be documented on your own personal summary. This Pro Service will require some homework by your part. All the instructions will be provided to you upon order.
  3. SILVER SERVICES STEP 3, SHOPPING: This is where it gets exciting! Here your stylist will hunt down and look for your new outfits on the online stores based on your new style plan. She will send you the links to each item that she recommends you to buy.


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