Never Getting There


NEVER GETTING THERE™ PILOT PROGRAM will start on 21 June, 2023.

Secure Your Spot in at an Early Bird Price $429,00 (€395,00) when you enroll before 11 June, 2023!

After that the price will go to normal $649,00 (€595,00) incl. local Finland VAT.


Never Getting There™ is a brand new training program that helps solo- and entrepreneurs find out the true reasons that are preventing them from reaching their full potential, but instead they keep on surviving with a low income and small turnover year after year.

These entrepreneurs are usually specialists in one particular business area, but do not know how to elevate themselves from their economical or mental and practical pits.

They sign up for various sales skills courses and those that hone their digital marketing skills, but they still remain stuck with their businesses.

Never Getting There™ program leads you to discover your secrets and solutions, and we will help you turn them into use.

Once you join this program, we start the journey together. All the way we hold you by hand and lead you out of your  economical and mental pit out into the open to increase your turnover and make you and your business bloom.

Never Getting There™ Pilot program will start on 21 June, 2023 at 8pm EST Helsinki time.


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