How to create a relentless confidence as an artist

Styling advice for musicians all around the world

If you are looking for highly experienced style & image consultant that can steer you to your road of success, look no further. We are here to help you!

Your style & image as a musician should mirror your personality and the genre of the music you play. The clothing style you wear should reflect your thinking and values of life. It is important to make your brand work for you, not against you. Your brand as a musician is all of you: music that you play, how you play it including your clothing style and overall appearances.

Never underestimate the power of style & appearances. It is not vanity – it is wisdom.

Style consultant for creative professionals

My name is Tuija Kauppinen. I am a style consultant, a public speaker and a coach. I have been in styling business for over 14 years in my home country Finland. Initally I specialized in business style, but  nowadays run Ladies Style Club. I have created personal and creative styles for hundreds of clients – mostly women but men too.

Patricia Daly pumped into me on Instagram and she asked me to talk about the importance of clothing style for musicians because ultimately musicians well crafted style and appearances will support their performance on the stage. Great looking clothes will also boost one’s confidence.

Trust me, the audience loves to see all performers on the stage well groomed and with neat appearance!

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When you click the picture you can register to the free consultation and will get the advice how to proceed. I need some information about you and some pictures of your current artistic style in order to analyze your situation.

Afterwards you will have a private Zoom meeting with me and we will discuss your style needs further.

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Unbeatable offer of a creative styling service

I will make you an unbeatable offer for my creative styling services that will help you either create a brand new performing clothing style or I will help you polish and upgrade your current style.

We will pay attention to the clothing style, fittings, colors, materials, accessories and your overall appearances (hair, make-up etc.) ir order to create your own personal performance brand.

It will be all personalized, custom-created just for you.

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