Master Classes Online

Mid-Life Style Crisis

Tuija K is a highly experienced style consultant, a coach and a speaker, and her mission is to help and encourage women in their mid-life to enhance their beauty and style, and to encourage to them to look top-quality businesswoman in business. These Master Classes are about your clothing style and how to choose clothes that make you look energetic and young, yet your age. The topic is a mix of feminine style with a business style viewpoint. She runs her master classes now online anywhere in the world, and her energy in these classes is captivating!

These Master Classes are highly popular. 

If you wish to organize one to your group of friends or colleagues, please contact us in the link below and we will take it from there. We have made it easy for your friends to sign up, and these fun and informative classes are very fairly priced at $49.00 p.p. for 3-100 persons. For you as your group leader, this class is free.

The duration of each class is 1-2 hrs depending on inteaction and number of questions. Can be arranged on Saturdays as well.

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