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2014 The Female Entrepreneur of Helsinki  –  2020 The Corporate Style Consultant of the Year, Nordics

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Be Confident

Confidence is not built overnight, it is something that you build up all your life. The more genuine and honest you are to yourself, the more your confidence grows. It is a delight to watch someone with truly good self-confidence giving a presentation. Those people are present to their audience and have no false pretenses, and you can hear it in their voice and see it in their body language.

The same goes with your presentation style the kind of clothing you’ve chosen to wear for that day on stage or for a meeting. You need to feel comfortable wearing those clothes. They should not be too tight or too loose so that you don’t need to think about them at all.

But bear in mind that you also need to be comfortable to look at. Your audience and your clients want to see a well-groomed and well-styled person on the stage. They are considering of buying your services or products, so make sure you always make the effort to look good for others.

That is not vanity. It is wisdom and good manners.




Create a Style that Suits You

Clothing style has two categories. The main category is about the genre of style e.g. classic, sporty, city chic, bohemian, romantic, ordinary, hip hop or a personal mix, and the choice depends on your personality, profession, attitude and lifestyle but, mind you, not age. Usually my clients have a certain form of style set already, we just make sure it all comes together.

The sub-category is about the level of dressing up that is very important nowadays. What is the difference between smart casual and business casual? I guess corporate and executive styles explain themselves out better but you need know and create your own kind of business style that works for you and your career the best. 



Celebrate Your Shape

There is no body type better than the another. We have been fead with information that slim, trimmed and slender body types are admired and, indeed, we see pictures of such types everywhere. But most of us are just normal. We have a little extra here and there and on good days we try to balance our diet and sports in an attempt to get leaner. Two things:

1. Lead a healthy enough lifestyle that makes your body & mind healthy and that gives you positive energy to lead your happy, positive and energetic life.

2. Celebrate your own shape. This is important because we have to live with our bodytype 24/7 and if we don’t like what we see in the mirror, we are in trouble. Many times we have to go back and read again the Thing No One. When we can accept our mirror image, we start to choose clothing that is meant for our body type and feel good about it.



The Power of Color

Have you too had your color analysis done but you never have that color palette with you? Did you know that all the shopkeepers hate that palette because they can never offer you just that particular color shirt that is on your palette. Instead it is good to get to know your basic colors and learn to see the colors differently. Learn to see the colors how they enhance the color of your beautiful eyes, the way the colors bring out your facial colors in a subtle and natural way and to use colors that make you feel energized. 

Choosing the right colors is very important factor in getting the style right. Some colors make the person shine and the other colors make her look 10 years older. Deep purple red is an excellent example of a color that can either go just right or terribly wrong. That is a color that easily brings an instant 10 yrs extra on the face. Check yourself in front of the mirror in a room lit with good natural lighting what kind of colors you have in your wardrobe. Do they enlighten your natural facial colors or do they make you look really dull and grim or grey or yellow? If they make you look grey, go for yellow-based color shades, and vice versa, if they make your face look yellowish, opt for blue-based color shades. 



The Right Materials

Because natural materials breathe! We don’t want to wear plastic polyester bags that would feel like steam saunas, although, polyester has its’ place in the evolution of fashion and even today. There is one rule here: good materials usually come with a price. The more money you put into your garment, the materials are usually made with finer materials. Nothing beats a light-weight quality wool, linen, cotton, silk or cashmere. These materials drape down beautifully as if they have a natural engagement with gravity. They let your bodily steam filter through their woven grid and yet give you warmth when needed. They are beauties!

Fashion obviously comes with various fibre and materials, natural or not, but your overall style is about choosing just the right materials. Some like ironing, the others don’t. One travels long distances on a plane, the other one stays put in her own office close to home. One needs to have a quality little black dress (lbd) to be worn in the staff meeting to boardroom and after work to a cocktail party, to someone else that same lbd would be way too fine a dress to wear on a normal day going.



City Chic or Romantic?

In the beginning of my styling career I always preferred to meet a new client at her home to meet her in a tranquil setting for the initial interview and to analyse her current outfits. Nowadays this is easy to do online and digitally over the internet but this is important because as a stylist I need to understand you and your personality, what you think, what you do, what are your likes and dislikes. I ask a lots of questions and want to make you express yourself verbally about you and your life. We all have our hidden little secrets and we very cleverly try to hide them. Some of them might even originate from our childhood, so for me it is vital to understand the client and her needs. Only then I can solve her problem.

Knowing the person allows me to choose the genre of the style for that particular client. Some clients are just walking classics wearing well-known brands and having blazers and high heels at hand. Some like it more youngish hiphop, to some I add some romantic features but the City Chics need a true personality to to carry that striking style. You choosing your own style or me helping you with it, it is all about who you really are. Style is always a personal issue and you should always be comfortable wearing those pieces of clothing chosen for you. The style can be anonymous or more flamboyant, it all depends on you.





Whether you piece together individual garments from your collection of clothes or wear a full matching suit, it all depends on the business you are in and on your personal understanding/liking of fashion and style. In a less executive level it is optional to wear fully matching suits and on office days even CEOs can wear jeans. Depending on the business and it’s clientele, CEOs might wear jeans every day. Pay attention to your jeans, though, there’s a wide variety of jeans on the market starting from the ultimate fashion trendy statement jeans to the executive level business jeans. General rule goes that any lady in any business should own a full matching jacket suit either with trousers or with a skirt. Those come handy when there is an official outing or important clients come and visit the company premises.

On an everyday going ensembles just save your day but it is important to know your personal style early on so that your pieces of clothing match together. There we come to choosing the right style & shape for your body type, your kind of colors & accessories, fashion brands that suit your budget, and once you know your sizes, colors, brands and stores where you can easily get them, your business fashionista life becomes much easier.



The Importance of the Right Shoes

There is a saying that the shoes are gentlemen’s most important accessory: they truly reflect the life of a man. But same goes with a lady. The kind of shoes we ladies wear tell about our values of life, very often about our professions, reflects to our BMI (body mass index) e.g. our lifestyles, consumer and spending habits, and our level of income. Shoes are very important part of your overall image because when your are wearing a dress, your shoes either make your beautiful legs or they break them.

The most vital thing in choosing shoes is that they feel comfortable to wear. The height of the heel should be the one that you feel at ease to walk and stand on. They should not rub any part of your feet or feel loose when walking. When choosing a shoe the style comes only second because you have to be able to wear them comfortably. Having said that the perfect shoe matches your style perfectly, the heel height is high enough to give a business authority and the perfect shoes are always in good condition, clean and polished. Get into the habit of cleaning your shoes before wearing them. Better still, brush the dirt out after the long and hard day at work. A regular tlc on good quality shoes will make them last you a long time.



The Importance of Personal Branding

It is like painting one wall in the room and suddenly all the other walls need updating as well. The same goes with upgrading one’s clothing style and then comes the hairstyle. And all of a sudden one needs to learn new ways how to apply makeup, get new products for skincare, buy new and modern eyewear, get new sunglasses etc. sometimes even a car is pencilled down on a shopping list. It’s all about personal branding. The list is not endless but it can become pricey and therefore you need a clear strategy planning that includes the economics of the branding project. I have had clients who had inherited some money and have decided to invest on their outlooks. I have had clients who earn so well that money is not an issue and yet I have had clients with whom we draft out a plan what to buy for each season. I always stress the fact that we don’t need to buy everything all at once.

Having a good style is not about money. It is about understanding the importance of making a good impression in business with your style and manners.



Always Be the Authentic Yourself

If you try too much or try to be something that you aren’t e.g. when you try to fake it, people will feel it, hear it, see it, sense it and stay away from it. Stay true to yourself and treasure your genuine personality and your core professional skills. Only deliver what you are professionally good at. Always over-deliver a little but never over-promise. When you are true, honest, genuine and professional, people around you will trust you, love you and stay with you forever. People tend to trust authenticity.

Your business style & image should mirror the authentic you. The clothing and style you wear should reflect your thinking and values of life. Make YOUR BRAND work for you, not against you.

“A good style cannot fake you, but it will definitely make you.” – Tuija K


We are here to help you upgrade your clothing style. If you are in need of upgrading your personal style for business, leisure or a party and need professional guidance on how to do it right, we are here to help you.

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